Eight ways to jumpstart creativity

Got this in my email yesterday or the day before and decided to give it a whirl. Eight ways to jumpstart creativity

My right shoulder has been bothering me so decided to try the one making marks with my left hand and of course I got carried away. I spent an hour or more and eventually shifted to my right hand.

Messy but fun! The View from my window. mixed media still and and birn alpha
Both sides are a Pitiful mess till u think that most of the drawing was done with my left hand and I am a definite righty. A lot of the watercolor was too.
Trees with buzzard or vulture depending on where u live. They swirl and float over German Island across from the house on the other side of the Savannah. I used my Cheap Joes Scroobys Loose Goose to splatter long lines. Also to draw branches and weeds oh and the buzzard as it’s called around here. Looking I think it
needs a buzzard on the right top corner not the left.

At any rate it was a fun exercise. Next time I will stop before I go too far. Well maybe.

A kitty in progress. The Kitty in the Window. More abt that later.
Hoping if I put enough black Pitt pen on her I can just was it w the paler orange color. Not easy to paint a tortie. 

Margaret who is off to cook a pot of soup for this grey dismal British kind of day we are having. Xoxoxox