And I thought I had zero to do today


But NO I promised I would bake a chocolate pound cake for book club which is today not next Tuesday. Did I say I used up all the eggs yesterday duh. So off to the store. I always end up with a few cupcakes because my pan is only ten cups and the recipe is for a 12 cup pan. A delicious side benefit right?!

We are going birds around here. Counted 30 cormorants flying south before it got dark last night. Add in a bald eagle or two and all the normal birds we enjoy the birds. Crows love to chase the bald eagles. Not sure why but they do.
Here’s a few more. I do enjoy doing a scribbly great w with my black ink pen.
One line crow on a page full of birds and cats. Drawn with a uniball micropen.
Almost forgot these funky fabulous birds. Drawn during Inktober. Maybe next year I will draw a bird every day. So much easier than using the Inktober prompts.
A pair of Hanukkah socks I knitted for a friend for her birthday. She’s all set for next year.

Margaret who will post the cake tomorrow after it’s out of the oven. The hubby pronounced those cupcakes perfect. Almost like a cheesecake.


Crazy busy day

Entry 1 All abt the catsup 3×4’

Somebody is filming a movie here and needs artwork.

Looking down 3×4’

Spent half the morning digging thru four years and abt 6000 pictures to find the missing art work pics on my phone.

French Fry 3×4’

Finally found them all.

The Party’s Over 3×4’

They had to be larger than three feet so that knocked out all but two watercolors.

Tenth and Broad St 3×4’

All had to be ready to hang immediately.

Pensive 3×4’

More digging required.

She was Beautiful 2’6” x40”
Fall Day in Brevard 3×4’
Unfurling 1 30×40” mixed media
Unfurling 2 30×40” mixed media
The Major 3×4’

And then I spent the rest of the day gettting class work ready for Watercolor I’ve that starts Thursday. Drew nine of the drawings for class paintings. Six more to go! 😵‍💫 Now putting up my feet wishing I had a kitty curled up beside me.

Speaking of kitties Bear is getting to be such a sweet kitty. Need to get him fixed so he can be a house cat. No spraying males allowed inside.

Hugs Margaret who now has her feet up. Xoxoxox