Crazy busy day

Entry 1 All abt the catsup 3×4’

Somebody is filming a movie here and needs artwork.

Looking down 3×4’

Spent half the morning digging thru four years and abt 6000 pictures to find the missing art work pics on my phone.

French Fry 3×4’

Finally found them all.

The Party’s Over 3×4’

They had to be larger than three feet so that knocked out all but two watercolors.

Tenth and Broad St 3×4’

All had to be ready to hang immediately.

Pensive 3×4’

More digging required.

She was Beautiful 2’6” x40”
Fall Day in Brevard 3×4’
Unfurling 1 30×40” mixed media
Unfurling 2 30×40” mixed media
The Major 3×4’

And then I spent the rest of the day gettting class work ready for Watercolor I’ve that starts Thursday. Drew nine of the drawings for class paintings. Six more to go! 😵‍💫 Now putting up my feet wishing I had a kitty curled up beside me.

Speaking of kitties Bear is getting to be such a sweet kitty. Need to get him fixed so he can be a house cat. No spraying males allowed inside.

Hugs Margaret who now has her feet up. Xoxoxox

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