Day 159 Bits and bobs

Wish I had taken a pic of Cafe du Monde earlier. I had completely wiped off a lot of the painting with my sea sponge. Kinda like it now. Jury’s still out. From a Paint along with Vladislav Yesileyev

This has been lying around at least a month waiting to be finished. Actually thought I would paint on the back but it’s natural Fabriano. Not a fan of natural so would paint on almost anything white before I would paint on this paper.

Somewhere in Paris is done. Off the board signed. I added a lot of darks behind the vehicles which made them pop out. Best fun still goes to that white gel pen which I also used on the cafe du monde. Another storm line blowing on from Georgia. At least this one didn’t scare Zoe.

Margaret wondering why we keep getting monsoons every nite. Xoxoxo

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