Day 145 Not been in the mood

To sketch lately. A couple of quick ones.

I may need a wardrobe revamp. Uniball pen and Caran dache neocolor ii crayons.

Drawing with David Allan Sibley on CBS Sunday Am

Finished I think. Maybe a dab of dark under the bridge. LOVED this old arches that was my dads. At least ten years old probably more like 20. Genuine antique arches. 14×20. No wonder people used to swear by it. But no more. New stuff has terrible sizing.

One this subject of sizing. Holbein actually makes sizing. Going to call Joes tomorrow and add it to my order.

Tonight’s sunset. Not bad. But the camera doesn’t do it justice.

Margaret who got stuck in YouTube land with David Dunlop. His videos are quite thought provoking. Love his series on Monet Cezanne. It aired about ten years ago but SCETV has them on again. I always learn something new when I watch his shows. He makes me want to get out my oils.