Day 155 Fly Away to Paris

So far. Think it’s too light but we shall see. The perspective is right but too tired from wild painting with Vlad Yesileyev to get off the sofa and take another one right now.

And now I see the closest car is too small. Sigh. A problem aka how to fix it.

Saying I fixed the car. What a pain. Easier not to mess them up. Cars should be close to as tall as the people. Also added some more darks. And I knocked back my crosswalk which was NOT aim perspective. Maybe I will fix it tomorrow.

Sorry didn’t take a pic of the tape up job on that £!%# car.

Vlads photo somewhere in Paris

Vlads value sketch

The sketch. Maybe my photo skills got lost today.

First washes. Cobalt yellow ochre alizarin and neutral tint.

Building washes still wet. They dried lighter.

Red umbrellas and the balcony done.

And so far. Mom interrupted my painting. Will finish tomorrow.

Margaret taking a rest now. Xoxoxox