Day 147 always meant to draw

Vultures on the side of the road as they fed. Today was the day. You know when u like to draw birds any bird will do. Vultures aka Buzzards hold still longer as they either eat or HOPE to get a turn at dinner.

Did you know their heads are naked so nothings from their dinners will stick to them?!!

Nature is interesting isn’t it.

These sketches only took about ten minutes in my small Venezia sketchbook. 4×6″ Drawn with a fat juicy dark Derwent sketching pencil. Love those. Kinda fond of the Venezia too. It was too nice to use for quite a while. Almost full now.

Here’s to vultures cleaning one roadkill at a time. Very interesting to watch as one defends the dinner from the others who lurk in hopes of a taste or two.

Margaret xoxoxo

Day 146 Drawing with Danny

Gregory on YouTube today st noon.

We did gratitude sketches. I did mine with tomboys. Coloring yellow and orange squares. Then used a fine tipped sharpie to draw in each one. And I got out my Namiki Fude to make heavier lines and my Caran dache neocolor iis to color with.

In reatrospect I wish I had just used the neocolor ii to color them. Tomboys are too much color to me.

Margaret whose knitting is growing. Xoxoxo