Coming along

To say he’s been a struggle is an understatement but he’s getting there. He needs a wash of yellow ochre or quin gold to knock back some of the pink because he’s part Indonesian and my niece says her son is too pink!!

First wash

Always a problem trying to get a good color for some people because there are only so many combos you can make.

Second or third wash

I spent a lot of time wiping him out and starting over again. 😵😵


It’s pretty easy to wipe out fluid cold press almost back to white and start over. A good thing and a bad thing but I did over and over. Went thru a LOT of Kleenex and quite a few paper towels.

Fluid 140 cold Press

Colors. A lot of alizarin crimson raw sienna for skin with Andrews turquoise, mineral violet, ultramarine, cad red and burnt sienna shadows. Eyes burnt umber ultramarine dabs of mineral violet. Whites alizarin.

Margaret ready to put her feet up for the day. Xoxoxo

2 thoughts on “Coming along

  1. Eric Wayne says:

    The hands came out really good, and what better medium for depicting eating watermelon than watercolor. I could never use it, because it’s so unforgiving. Make a mistake and you’re stuck with it. But I admire when other people use the medium. Nice work.

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