Crash and burn

The first ink layer

Taking a painting class in Raleigh with Julio Reyes and Candace Bohannon on egg tempura painting like Andrew Wyeth did.

My friend Mike talked me into taking it because she loves Andrew Wyeth and his realism.

First we mixed our egg tempura paint. That took all day.

We separated our yolks from the eggs and rolled them around on paper towel to remove the last of the egg white.

Then we pierced the egg yolk sack and squeezed the yolk out.

You have to check your paint to see if your paint mix is thick enough by painting stripes letting them dry and scraping them off.

If they curl the egg tempura is thick enough.

Step 2 the watercolor underlayer. Not wild about the greys but ok.

Now I hate it. Blobby streaky ickkkk. I hear it gets worse before it gets better. Let’s hope it does. The only thing I still like about her is the hair.

And don’t tell my friends but I used a size 0 and a 1 on this painting. Eeek. I never use anything smaller than a ten.

What was I thinking of???

Margaret in rainy Raleigh xoxoxo