Progress made

So after what I said yesterday I decided to finish Henry my grandson. What a sweetie.

He still needs some jewelry as Fealing calls it. Some dots here and there.

Had to lift all the blue I put on the highlight not paying attention to what I was doing. Thought I had ruined it totally. As it is the paper is a little rough there but nobody would notice it but me.

Hot press fluid 15×22″ paper.

Brevard gypsy lady dressed for Halloween. No I don’t know if she’s actually a gypsy but maybe disguised as one.

A lot of fun painting her. Her sunglasses her scarf her jillion bracelets and necklaces. I think I there are seven of the later. But what a FUN figure.

She’s close to done. Going to negative paint around her white hair so it will show. And the. Who knows. Three more to finish and only one partial day left. 9-1 pm. Maybe one more will get done?! We shall see.

Margaret not dead tired for once but in bed after a fabulous dinner at Over Yonder Restaurant out in Valle Crucis. So delicious. Xoxoxoxo

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