Day 2029 How many birds can she draw!?

Evidently quite a few. I have been mailing a lot of these out. And am going to get cards of these made to sell.

These are drawn with watercolor pencil but backgrounds are painted with my size 10 da Vinci kolinsky sable. They are postcard sized. This one was especially hard to part with. Love her sassy stare.

love this titmouse too

a sweet squirrel. Makes me smile. A bossy cardinal. They can be quite bossy. Stan on the back porch rail and act like where is the seed LaDy?!

Yes they sit like this on the back deck. Like where’s the Food LaDy?!

Earlier this week. Two cardinals alway better than one.

The squirrel was done with the paint brush. A size 10 da Vinci kolinsky sable. My favorite brush. Only four colors. Burnt sienna cerulean. Cad yellow and mineral violet splatters.

I have one more about half done. Still needs a background. I actually draw them while looking at them googling their primo Seeds on my porch.

A double winner. A goldfinch and a downy woodpecker. I bought that feeder just so the down would enjoy it. A red wing blackbird came by to try it out too.

Margaret who is watching dvr of Dr Phil investigating the Black Dahlia murders and the Pid Cast Root of Evil about the possible murderer George Hodel.

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