Day 2025 Urban Sketching at Soda City

The SC State capitol with the crowds on Main Street in downtown Columbia nicknamed Cola which is why this every Saturday event is called Soda City.

Super fun event. All kinds of vendors. Requirement all things must be made in SC. Huge crowds. 7000 or so every week year round.

Who knew this went on. Wish it was here in Augusta.

I think this is an old Greyhound station. Will look great painted.

Going to have to go back with my camera and take better pics.

Margaret off to Earthfare with her tagalong Zoe

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Day 2024 Motor Supply

A great restaurant I ate at on Gervais in Columbia. For a sketch that went down the tubes when I added one too many people it looks pretty good.

Amazing shrimp and grits plus an old fashioned. Super waitress. Yummm. Deliciousness.

Took some great pictures at a street festival on Main Street today. Drew three urban


Drew this guy.

Maybe a future painting?!

Or this Boykin spaniel who would rather be playing than in the middle of Columbia.

Or maybe this great truck loaded with flowers?! I was looking for Mast General store to buy rocks for my grandkids.

What a face. Too cute. I ended my downtown tour buying five boxes of Girl Scout cookies. My mother was right. Soooo dangerous.

Margaret tucked in for the night. Xoxoxox

Drawing the stage capitol #urbansketching #ink #lamyjoy #stillmanandbirn #columbia #sc #southcatolina #mainst #drawing #sketching #streetfestival #downtown Sketchbookskool