Day 2009 Fabulous Friday

And who doesn’t need a drink to top off the week or start the weekend?!

Currently I am in love with a rusty nail first fixed for me by Alan my friend Mikes husband. I am a big fan of liquor on the rocks or straight out of the bottle as long as it’s great liquor.

This one is made with Johnny Walker. The Black label is $60 at the discount liquor store. 😳

Ps I did think is people can draw their morning tea cups I can draw my favorite evening drink and it was fun to add the recipe plus a few factoids.

First go round. Didn’t like the lay out

I always thought it was whiskey. NOPE it’s scotch. And Drambouie is scotch liqueur. No doubt $50 a bottle.

I drew it with the pentel brush pen a Lamy joy with a calligraphy nib, a Lamy Safari, and a Lamy Vista. I bought them all on amazon for $25 or less.

Can you tell which one did which writing/ drawing?!

Superaquabee tablet and watercolor pencils

Margaret off to finish her endless errand list. Xoxoxo

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