Day 2024 Motor Supply

A great restaurant I ate at on Gervais in Columbia. For a sketch that went down the tubes when I added one too many people it looks pretty good.

Amazing shrimp and grits plus an old fashioned. Super waitress. Yummm. Deliciousness.

Took some great pictures at a street festival on Main Street today. Drew three urban


Drew this guy.

Maybe a future painting?!

Or this Boykin spaniel who would rather be playing than in the middle of Columbia.

Or maybe this great truck loaded with flowers?! I was looking for Mast General store to buy rocks for my grandkids.

What a face. Too cute. I ended my downtown tour buying five boxes of Girl Scout cookies. My mother was right. Soooo dangerous.

Margaret tucked in for the night. Xoxoxox

Drawing the stage capitol #urbansketching #ink #lamyjoy #stillmanandbirn #columbia #sc #southcatolina #mainst #drawing #sketching #streetfestival #downtown Sketchbookskool

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