Day 2020 The daily drawing

Just before I tossed them in the mailbox. Off they fly.

Seems as if I am drawing a lot of birds lately. This is a 300# cp kilamanjaro postcard. One of the freebies we get at Cheap Joes classes in Boone.

Based on a wren photo I took out Mikes back window when I was in Raleigh.

Number two. Actually like this one better. I did a terrible ink sketch first and kept correcting it. Not getting better but decided to see how the wc pencils would work to cover the ink. Now my fav. Funny how things change.

Gel pen and white inktense pencil. Thought about digging out gouache but being lazy.

Drawn and colored mostly with watercolor pencils.

Off to life modeling in Aiken dropping this in the mail on the way.

Margaret Xoxoxox worn out from running the roads.

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2 thoughts on “Day 2020 The daily drawing

  1. Rebecca says:

    Perhaps it is because it is spring and so many have reappeared? 😉 Certainly, the chirping volume around my home has risen a few decibels! Love your birds — especially the recent cardinals. Thanks for sharing.

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