Day 2018 Moh Lamy Joy fun

Drawing the tulips on the kitchen island. I do love tulips. Also loving the way the stillman and birn is laying flat as a flitter. Hmm wonder what a flitter is. Guess I will google that.

Watercolor sooner or later in my coloring book.

Lamy Joy Eelskin Black Ink stillman and birn Zeta.

Margaret still in Atlanta who should get out and find something interesting to draw on this gorgeous day. Xoxoxox

More playing with my Lamy Joy. Watercolor sooner or later. #Lamyjoy #ink #outmywindow #watercolor #drawing #sketchbookskool #cardinals #naturalworld #eastatlanta #atlanta #mixedmedia #art #artist #stillmanandbirn #sketching #drawing

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