Day 2017 Playing w my Lamy Joy

This drawing is a direct result of listening to all those art for all podcasts yesterday aka draw something anything just draw!! Drawing the view down the street from my sons house. Of course I am NOT looking at the adorable bungalow across the street but at the post ww2 plain Jane vanilla houses up the street from here.

Lamy Joys fun because you can make thin lines

thick lines

do lettering

Run long straightish lines like across the front of the house.

Great for adding shadows.

Really liking the pen.

Bytw can you find the tiny red bird in a tree. He actually sat there for me.

Margaret leaving for the American Crafts Show soon. Xoxoxo

Up McPherson out the window. Will eventually paint this. #Lamyjoy #ink #outmywindow #watercolor #drawing #sketchbookskool #cardinals #naturalworld #eastatlanta #atlanta #mixedmedia #art #artist #stillmanandbirn #sketching #drawing

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