Day 2016 on the Road again

I wonder what i used to listen to before podcasts? I know audible.

Brooms feed and seed

Listened to some great ones from sketchbookskool called Art for All this is one. Sketchbookskool aka Danny Gregory and his Everydaymatters yahoo list is what started me trying to sketch everyday back in 2006.

More from Brooms

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta. I got free admission to draw the animals. Yeah


Crack birds

Key West roosters

This is another good one with Roz Stendhal. Her blog is always interesting. Roz likes a good project. So do I. Thinking about stealing a couple of hers. A month of painting birds Everyday😱.

Parrot Rescue in pigeon Forge

Smokey Mountains National Park Farm Chickens

Key West Wildlife Preserve Ibis

That will be easy since I seem to draw birds a lot lately. and I seem to draw them wherever I go.

Another one is writing letters everyday. Hmm. Well maybe when I get home?!

The other project I am going to do is #OneWeek100People2019 but that’s not till April 8th. First I will have to remember it. Lol. It’s a yearly project like Inktober run by Suhita Shirodikar and Marc Tao Holmes. I did it two years ago and it didn’t take long to sketch up 100 people. I drew a few talking heads from tv and I say at Panera during lunch one day and got a lot of victims.

Do you have any projects coming up?!

Margaret off to a soccer game Xoxoxox

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2 thoughts on “Day 2016 on the Road again

  1. louiseaprimeau says:

    So many projects…never enough time! I am finishing a portrait of a Chesapeake and then I have a therapy dog to paint for one of our vets. I am experimenting with flowers and I have a large somewhat abstract painting, an experiment of tulips. I have another large painting of my granddaughter that has been sitting around for two years! Yikes.

    I have been visiting your website off and on through the last years. I love seeing your projects!

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