Day 1683 -Saturday again.

The verdict is out on my huge painting of Ilania today. It’s 30×22-a lot of territory to cover in 90 minus even with the brush I used-my 16 Cheap Joes Legend. WHY did I put the blue on her face. Sigh. I resolve to NEVER do that again. Maybe some background will make it look better. We shall see manana.

Meant to go back and correct her foot after first break but I forgot.

Drawn with a chunk of 2B lead on Sanders Waterford watercolor paper that al gave me. It’s the paper Queen Victoria used.

Second break. Only problem here is the too skinny foot.

Colors used skin carmine and cad yellow pale red is cad red light.

Shadows cerulean and burnt sienna and eyes.

Hair burnt sienna burnt umber ultramarine.

Drew Murphy’s. Acrylic 2×3′

Thomas Needham‘s small watercolor on canson artboard.

Rachel Millers Watercolor on canson artboard.

Al Beyer’s huge oil.

Amy’s 2×3′ oil.

Fred’s zany mondoglian acrylic

Bill Daniels oil on canvas. I bet he lowers her eyes 1/2″ to make this pop.

Rich aka Degas’ oil.

That’s a wrap til next Saturday.

Margaret xoxoxo looking at a BUsY week.

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4 thoughts on “Day 1683 -Saturday again.

  1. Alex Aron says:

    Particularly like Rachel’s, Drews, and Fred’s. Margaret…agree with no blue on face. Ilana looks very Angry in your rendition. See you Tues. pm at the reception for Al, unless I have to quickly fly to NY to Help family. Alexis

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