Day 1465 or so. Waterlogue

Is a free fun ap for iPhones.

Bertie in Bold

In Travelogue.

the bear in vividbold


illustration soaked

It turns photos into various watercolors effects with a couple of clicks. There are several settings.

Photos from Ponce City Market

You can choose the style painting you like best. The auberge in Aivers where Van Gogh died. The fountain in Place de la Concorde Paris sacre Couer Montmartre Paris The steps in Montmartre sakes steps different treatment. Rouen Cathedral painted by Monet 28 times. One of my fav Waterlogue photos.palace of Justice Rouen France Rouen France half timber buildings.

You can see it can give some great effects.

Sorry I don’t know if it’s available for other phones.

Margaret back from the lovely cool mountains where it was 66 this am. Nap time. Xoxoxoxox