Day 1675 – Matthew!!!

Matthew 16×22” Fluid cp 140# WIP

Monday at life modeling I heard he was coming to the Atlanta Artist Center for portrait painting on Tuesday and that he was fantastic so I decided to stay on in Hot Lanna one more day.

Loved him. He never moved!! The man is granite!!!

Hmm I think that mustache needs to go. Too dark. It’s done with ultramarine blue. Oopsey. What happens when u don’t stand back enough.

The sketch. I was toying with putting the chair in.

25 minutes.

Still needs his cushion.

What a hideous mustache effect. Eeekk. Maybe a bit more shadow on his left arm. And that pillow. Crop it 83 hmm shadow on the left side and bottom. And somewhere I lost his left nostril. Hmm that’s easy to fix. And a bit more curve to his lower left cheek.

Have lightened it a bit. Will work on it some more tomorrow. Shoot me someone.

Drawn on 140 lb cp Flyid paper. The one with a Charles Reid painting as the cover photo. Drawn with a .7mm 2B lead pencil.

Atlanta Artist Center schedule

Painted with my Davinci #10 Kolinsky sable. You can get them on amazon. And a couple of Isabel Kolinskys #8 #6 for face details.

Background #16 Cheap Joes legend.

Painted wit h Charles Reid colors. Cerulean ultramarine

Cad red light alizarin

Quin gold yellow ochre burnt sienna burnt umber.

Dioxzine purple.

Margaret glad to be home. Xoxoxo

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Day 1296 Magic Time Finally

This post was stuck in my scheduled posts box. I don’t know if I posted but it’s such a great post can’t hurt posting again.

Watching Charles Reid paint a person is like watching someone make magic. He twitches his brush here and here. Stating at the nose suddenly there’s a fabulous painting of a person.

John was our model today. He did a wonderful job.

Charles painting.

The Master Charles Reid the most talented watercolorist in America today.

My sketch.


More painting.

Charles said time to quit so I did and I started another of John. Let ok’ing at him he needs more shadow on his cheek to define his cheek bone. Maybe a highlight lifted also on the cheek and more shadow in his brow.

John and his Jack Russell Jedi.

We all adored Jedi

Especially me. Missing my Zoe. One more of Jedi and his dad John.

My second drawing. I had about forty five minutes left to paint him.


Times up. Hmm think he needs more hair but I like this one best of the two paintings.

Up to the rooftop the rain had ended.

A tugboat heading up river.

Night on the river

A paddle boat passing by while I waited for my car.Look who decided to jump in bed with me tonite. My friend Karen’s collie Carly. What a sweetheart.

Tomorrows model Carver whose mom looks like Madonna.

Nite nite. Margaret xoxoxo