Day 1682 The Chuck and Judy Show

According to Judy Reid who keeps Charles Reid organized and the class too. Judy also arranged the flowers, assigns seats, sells paintings coordinates book signings and buys Charles a new baseball cap without which I think he could not paint.

“We like to think Charles is channeling Sargent. Sargent whistled when he worked too. “

The kindergarten teacher may have retired but she still is herding her class. A funny lovely lady Judy tells a good version of the Chuck and Judy show as she bills them which has been going on since 1961 when they met at U of Vermont. Behind every great painter is a well organized woman if they are lucky enough.

Here’s the Charles Reid story according to Judy with a few amendments from Charles.

BYTW Charles does not like to exercise. His brother the doctor did and is long gone. Charles is 81 and going strong.

And according to Charles these are the main student problems.

The evening of the next to the last day of class Colette, Mike and I sat on the rooftop of the Homewood suites and made a list of our favorite Charles Reidisms. Here they are

Looks a little plain compared to the other pages. Guess I will have to paint it too.

Been working on a new painting most of the day. Did I say Tahred. On melt down trying to get an entry together for the SC Watermedia National Show. Entries due next Friday. 🙀

I even bought an interesting shaped bottle of olive oil today. Calling this painting Ratatouille because of the veggies in it. Just couldn’t do another eggplant aka Barney painting.

Did five sketches of geese at Browns Feed and Seed. I wandered across them when I was looking for there chickens that are usually at Browns. just as much fun to draw geese as chickens and they don’t run around as much. Two are still in the car. Not the geese. Sketches!! 😂

My New Holbein Palette!!

Paintings done with Charles Reid colors. New Palette. The other one was getting old and rusty with enamel popping off.

Lamy pen Noodler Eelskin ink and Stillman and Birn sketchbook.

Margaret xoxoxo

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