Day 1680 Mercer House

Mercer House on Monterey Square Savannah

On Monterey Square.

One day when I was in Savannah I got up at the crack of dawn to go draw old town Savannah.

Forsyth Park

I really wanted to draw the big fountain in Forsyth Park but it would have used all my time up to walk to it and draw so I drove over to Monterey Square to draw the Mercer House. I actually ended up drawing all four corners of the square. Aka more houses to come.

The family home of Johnny Mercer of Moon River song fame and where a infamous murder took place back in the late eighties. The murder was made famous by the Book and the movie starring Kevin Spacey Midnite in the Garden of Good and Evil.

Due to the murder and two other deaths it’s one of the most haunted homes in Savannah. A young boy actually fell from the roof and died when he was impaled on the wrought iron fence. Terrible story isn’t it?!!

Painted with watercolor pencils and my whiskey painter palette. And a white univalve gel pen.

Ps I had fun splattering the greenery and the resurrection that swathes the old live oaks branches by tapping on my size ten davinci brush Not the Ferrel.

Margaret off to see Mama Mia. Xoxox

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2 thoughts on “Day 1680 Mercer House

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks. It was a great book. Creepy house girl it’s haunted. Eeekkkk. We drove by several times once on the ghost tour. Third most haunted house in Savannah!! 🤪👻👻👻


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