Day 1679 Mike and Allan

One of the things I like to do at a class is to interperse my class notes with drawings of my classmates so I can remember them.

You would be surprised how many times the same people show up in classes. One advantages is they are paying attention and hold quite still so are fairly easy to draw.

Mike is one my friends that I go to Alot of classes with. This is our third time with Charles and our fifth class together. We are already plotting another Charles class and a trip to art in the Carolinas. We have also take Ted Nuttall and Fealing Lin together since we met at Cheap Joes three Charles Reid classes ago.

Mike Gantt at Ted Nuttalls class

Mike Gantt still at Ted Nuttalls class

I think Mike has been in every sketchbook I did during class aka my class notes. Usually I draw her with our friend Karen is there but Karen’s moving house so she didn’t take the class with us this time. 😏

Mike Gantt and Karen Schaff

This time Mike is with her fabulous photographer husband Allan Clark. Check him out on Facebook. He’s a sweetheart who schleps us around to dinner on our road trips.

Look for more appearances of Karen. We are going on a 19 day transatlantic cruise next year so I am sure I will be drawing her again.

Mike and I drew each other across breakfast at the Boone Cracker Barrel

Colors used: Charles Reid colors of course. Lamy EF with Noodler eelskin ink in my stillman and birn.

That’s it for tonite. We waded thru Anna Karenina at book club tonite. Margaret about ready for bed. Xoxoxox

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