Day 1677 It’s Saturday

Macy 16×30” cp Fluid 140#

Model today was the slim gorgeous black haired blue eyed Macy.

Sketch drawn with a .7mm mechanical pencil 2B lead

First break. Flesh tones way too light.

Second break almost done.

Here she is again

Thomas Needham was just to my left. A. Elegant painting.

Al Beyer’s large oil. I don’t know when he had time to paint it he was so busy organizing music and coffee but he did.

Our frequent model Ilania’s nice pencil sketch.

Dr Fred’s zany Mondiglianish acrylic. Always makes me smile.

Amy’s 2×3′ oil

Rich’s small oil. Very Degaish to me.

Bill Daniels Lovely oil on metal panel.

Mr Engineer as I call him large pencil sketch.

A students painting.

Not many attendees today.

Margaret ready for a summers nap.


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