Day 1672 Desert Time

Angel Food cup cake. Who knew there was such a thing. Topped with some incredible blue berries, a strawberry and some amazing sweet whipped cream. Pricey at $5 but those were the best blueberries I have ever tasted. I may have to plant some bushes.

Cream and Flutter is a cute little “boutique” bakery/ice cream shop in Cashiers. A charming place to draw if only I had had time.

Strange delicious flavors of ice cream like Brambleberry which is raspberry with chunks of cake in it. The perfect topping to our boat ride on Lake Glenville and pizza dinner. I had an amazing Greek salad.

Food well done is always amazing.

Margaret off to the Center for the Puppetry Arts with Henry and Livia for Click Clack Moo. Always a treat. Xoxoxoxo

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