Day 1296 John

I thought I had posted this the other day. I drew John twice. This is the second. Took about 45 min and actually like it better than the one that took two hours. So did everybody else. Sorry there’s no sketch. I get on melt down at the end trying to finish and forget to take a pic of the second drawing.

John modeled all day and never moved except for breaks. He returned to his pose everytime. Charles Likes to sit up under the model as class as he can get so I decided to try that too.Really makes for a lot of foreshortening on the face and a large view of the chin. A lot of burnt sienna cad red and yellow ochre. Hat yellow ochre and cerulean. Beard burnt sienna and cerulean

I thought my drawing was off but Charles said no so i wouldn’t argue with him ever. He’s the master. More hair added. Ultramarine and burnt sienna.

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