Day 1289 -a trip to the Booth Western Art Museum

The Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville is a great deal for $12. It’s huge. The grounds are full of wonderful huge bronze sculpture of cowboys and Indians.

Western art is not my thing but I loved the Modern Art Room at the Booth. I went a month ago with my oldest son but didn’t take pictures. I met my friend Ruth Pearl also an artist in Cartersville yesterday for lunch and we decided to take in the Booth. The Mesa 20′ or so.

A lot of the art is just enormous.

These pictures are also huge like the first two.

A watercolor glued and mounted on a canvas or a wooden cradle. Directions on how to do this are all over YouTube and Bob Burridge did a video on it too.

Andy Warhols!!Two huge portraits of Georgian Doc Holiday and Wyatt Earp famous for the shoot out at the OK Coral.

Love the style these are painted in.

The Rough Riders is also colossal in scale. Love the brush strokes.

One interesting painting after the others. These rooms are just huge.

Love that this lady painted these on the back of her pick up truck with a palette in a couple of hours. Done in a couple of hours the Paint is as thick as icing on these.

Watercolor that’s about five feet long. And it’s incredible. The chaps look like leather.

Love this old truck and he assists take on a Van Gogh approach. Painted by a Navajo named Begay I think.

Lone Ranger and Tonti

Tomorrow out favorite painter ZzWei. If you didn’t see his show you missed it. It’s leaving Sunday.

Cartersville is a charming little town. Lots of opportunities for sketching. Good restaurants to linger over lunch talking with a friend you haven’t seen in a while. Good place for a day trip. There are several of their museums including the Tellus a science museum.

Hugs Margaret off to draw another model at Atlanta Artist Center. Well as soon as I can move my tired body. Xoxoxo

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