Day 1261?! Olmsted Linear Park Pleine Aire Day 1

The event takes place this weekend in the Olmsted Linear Parks on Ponce de Leon in Druid Hills Atlanta and in the Druid Hills Golf Club. I am sure I saw Miss Daisy drive by with Morgan Freeman.

Jill Steenhuis at St Phillips Cathedral on Peachtree.

Yesterday they were painting all over Atlanta in the rain.

Jill Steenhuis at the Swan House

Today was gorgeous. Mario A Robinson a famous water color painter painting at the farm at the Atlanta Historical Center aka the Swan House

I heard some of them were at the Goat Farm which is up in Alpharetta I think as well as some painted in the Linear Parks.

The pleine aire event lasts all week but most of the activities are tomorrow with all kinds of activities in addition to artists painting and art demos- music food trucks art displays. gAbout 120 or so artists are participating in the event this year.

I might love Yer Za Vue all the way from Portland. I went to her demo today in the park. She kept us laughing as she talked and painted during her oil painting demo today. I wish I hadnt scribbled notes all over these sketches.OH well. Maybe I won’t today. I wrote down a lot of what she said. Of course you know I will watercolor these sooner or later.

Here she is with the notes so took while she talked.

Here she is as I drew her. She was very animated. She drew Pocahontas Milan and LILO and Stitch when she worked for Disney in Florida. Now she teaches at Portland Art Institute guiding her lucky students to the kind of art they want to do.

She thought they would have a set up for her. A flower or a model. NOPE. So she decided to paint this tree.the start. One little line. She thought Georgia was too green. She likes greys better. I guess that’s why she lives in Portland.

She only had about forty minutes to paint this and hadn’t used regular oils in years because the smell of the thinner made her sick. She’s allergic to everything like me. I told you I liked her a lot. She found a cleaner that was cheap. She gets it at Home Depot by the gallon and now she can tolerate oil again. Something called Clean strip which is odorless.


Her set up

She also uses Gamblin Alkyd to make her paint thick and luscious.

She said the painting should glow from across the room and though it’s hard to tell in photos but it did.

I may have to go to Home Depot and get out my oil paints and use that odorless cleaner. I do like smearing paint on like butter.

Bedtime. Starting early tomorrow. Xoxoxo Margaret

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