Day 1284 Going to the Dogs

Made a lot of NOT successful drawings of my sons pitbull Grant yesterday. Partly because he moved partly I am blaming the Stabilo pens my oldest son gave me.

Stabilos are interesting pens. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want them. They weren’t waterproof.

Then I get a post from Brenda Swenson about how they become permanent after the water dries. Who knew?!!

You can actually combine them with watercolor. Hmmm.

So I tried them out and they tried me. You can see the remains of a moving dog at the bottom of the blue.

Heads a little too big but like the sketchiness of this. I think I actually added some of my pentel brush pen to this to make it blacker.

Time to shower and go play with the grand kids.

Hugs. Xoxoxo. Margaret.

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