Day 1097 Urban Sketching at Petit Marche

One of my favorite places to visit in Kirkwood. The foods great and the French ambience Atlanta style abounds. This is a view I rarely see when I eat there looking toward the front where the charm a la francais is especially evident. They were short a cook today so I had a lot of time to draw. YEAH!!! How often are you glad one of your fav restaurants is having serving problems?!!


This group was having quite the animated conversation. I almost messed it up by adding the guy near the door. There was such a crowd there was a door guy having to share the bad news about the wait with the long line outside.

Lucky us! We were cozy on the inside looking out.

Even so these sketches are not done. They still need a few more lines and some paint.

Margaret in hot Lanta where it’s a perfect cool misty fall day.

#atlanta #urbansketching #stillmanandbirn #ink #noodlerahab #lepetimarche #kirkwood

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