Day 843 Dr Sketchys Part 2

The last two posts went on the wrong site. No idea how or why that happens. 

Most of these are done with pentel black and sepia pigment pens that love being washed out with a water brush. And Tombows. 

Contest Jessicas worst nightmare. Finally a half way decent one. This won second place. First place was a free dr Sketchys. Darn. A prize I would have liked. 

 Contest What did Jessica do the Black Cat?! I guess the picture tells the story

This is the best one I did all evening I think. . I actually think this one is my favorite now. It was a beautiful pose though her left arm did collapse some as the pose went on. 

I drew the legs to short on this one and lengthened them. That’s what the brown mess on the right is. But not so bad. Not like most if yesterday’s. 
Thanks for checking by. 
happy Halloween. 
Margaret xoxoxo

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