Day 842 Oops

As usual lots of fun but I could not draw to save my life for a while until I drew this one. I had to change pens. My beloved Kuretake pen let me down. This is drawn with a carbon pen and some pentel brush pens. Sepia and Black. 

How many bad drawings could I do. Let me count. One
 One.   What’s with her hand?! Eeek!! 

You never know when or even why that happens. I guess it keeps you humble.

Halloween creepy stuff I was so bad. Miniature legs. And that hand. Let’s start over again. 

Two.  A quick sketch. But still a little off

 Three.let’s start over again?! 

Four enough said. Five and I put her eyes WAY to high. Dixie is a pretty girl. 

Six. FInally a bit better but what a jaw?! This was a contest. Our model has a tree tattooed on her leg and we had to add it to our sketches. I ditched the brush pen after this one. 

Better ones tomorrow. I promise. Yes they did get better.  
Margaret xoxox

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