Day 823 How Many Pages?! 

Way behind coloring the journal. Bytw down 19 pounds now. 

You might ask why I keep track of the food.  The days I don’t I tend to overeat. Oops. 

So finally I sat down to paint a few of them. The title page was done with winsor Newton markers and Caran d’ache neocolor ii watercolor crayons. Gives a great zany look to this page that I really messed up. 

The other two are just the Winsor Newton markers. Trying to migrate to the From my Tombows because the colors are not fugitive.  I know I’m a few years when I open the journal the tombow pages will fade even closed in a book on a dark shelf. 

And I still have all these to color. 😳 Drawn with a Kuretake brush pen and carbon platinum black ink in a Strathmore mixed media 500 journal. 
Off to the gym. 

Margaret xoxox who is just hoping for rain from Hurricane Matthew. 

Day 623 A Self Portrait 

Yesterday’s post went to that other website that I really should delete when I figure out how. 

I drew this in the parking lot of the local goodwill store. 
Why you might ask?? BEcause I could sit and look in the vanity mirror. I know Wierd. But I did. 
Probably needs more flesh tones on the face. 
I lifted some of the hair color to make more strands. 

I probably should have stopped here. I was having fun adding dots of different colors. 

This is me with some dots added. And of course I was having too much fun so I didn’t stop here. 

Painted with Ted Nuttalls transparent palette. Mostly Daniel Smith and winsor Newton colors. Drawn with a Konrad Noodler in carbon platinum black ink in a Strathmore 400 watercolor journal. Great paper for lifting colors. 
Margaret who made it to the gym. Did weights and elliptical and NOW I am tahred. 😘