Day 828 Best of Augusta sketching

It’s been one of those days. If it could go wrong it did. 

Funmaliya Ngozi 8×10″ watercolor and Tom bow markers. Kuretake brush pen

Went sketching with my friend Ruth at Best of Augusta where we drew the singers. We actually gave our sketches to the artists which means when my new iPhone 7 was updated at Verizon I lost a few days of photos including those of my sketches. It was backed up with the October 3 backup.  

So I got a semi brilliant idea if you can be brilliant on four hours sleep to take photos of the photos on my old phone.

It actually worked fairly well. 

Here’s one I took with my new phone. We love to hear Bill sing but he had his Frank Sinatra on Last nite and wasn’t holding still. They were also the first sketches that I did which can be a problem. 

I never quite finished this one. After last weeks sketches at Dr Sketchys I got spoiled and didn’t like these. Not so bad when I look at them now. 

Thanks for checking by. More Best of Augusta tomorrow. 

Margaret off to buy a new router.  Yes it died. The pool pump died. Flood insurance is due and oh yeah the plumber is coming to fix the whole house water filter which seems to be jammed. Sigh. Pray for me. 🙄😬😏