Day 845 Happy Halloween 

Lots of interesting and Or oddball characters on the streets of Brevard at Halloweenfest Friday. 

I took a hundred pics of this guy to get this one. 

Should have been sketching these street scenes. 


I was too busy. 

This woman has a tude. But I love her. 

Business boomed in the Humane Society Store. 

I love this lady. She never knew I got her. And this guy was so tall he never noticed me. 

My favorite gremlin 

This lady is stylin. 
Who is that girl in the glasses. 
Happy Halloween from Sweetwater Flyfishing Camp!! 

Margaret  xoxox 

Day 844 Fall Color

I really needed sunglasses driving around at the cabin at Sweetwater Flyfiahing Camp and Brevard, Sapphire and Cashiers this weekend. The leaves were in peak color. Glorious technicolor. 

Color along the Thomson River. 

Sweetwater Flyfishing Camp where the leaves were raining down in drifts of gold. 
Just because I like  it.


Margaret xoxox