Day 548 – a goodie or two

  They like to keep you well fed on Viking cruises. After our trip to Auvers we were met with this amazing hot chocolate with Baileys Irish Cream. Deliciousness. And I discovered the endless supply of meringues at the snack station. Yummy crispy bits of sugary fluff Aka diabetic coma makers. Lol. 

I meant to tape the dried flower in my book. Turns out it’s illegal like my sycamore leaf. Now down the garbage disposal into the septic tank so no diseases could be spread. I like to collect leaves and feathers for my journals.

 Note to self. NOT WHEN ABROAD!!! 

Colors used. Winsor yellow background. Inathrodone blue and burnt umber. Flower alizarin, inathrodone, and hookers green. 
Strathmore 500 mixed media journal, Konrad Noodler, carbon platinum black ink. 

Thanks for reading.  

Margaret xxx

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