Internal Travelogue: Working from Imagination

Think its time to try this….going stir crazy…BYTW I LOVE Marc’s sketching…and his classes at craftsy are great too!

Citizen Sketcher


As blog readers know, I love to sketch on location. But to be honest, you can’t be sketching from life all the time.

It’s demanding – constantly getting to new places. Deciding where to go, finding the time, schlepping your gear. All the little travel expenses.

But that’s my personal flaw (and my motivating passion) as an artist. I’m addicted to the new. Always wanting to find the next exciting place to discover through drawing. Or wanting to return to a well known place, and see it with a new technique.


But on the occasions where I’m trapped by circumstance, not able to go exploring – well, most of the time I’ll end up drawing people. People are an endless subject – we’re always doing something.

BUT – even then, there are only so many drawings of people playing on their phones or reading on the subway you can do in a week 🙂

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