Day 416- It’s Saturday again!! 

  You know what that means – Life Modeling at USC Aiken. I am very happy with my painting today. Ilena might get a few tweaks but she’s done for now. 

It was a great pose and the drawing went well. I didn’t even use head measurements til the end just to check if she was in good order. It took about twenty minutes to draw this sketch. 

TIP: The drawing was started with the shoulders matching the diagonal line of the models shoulders. Same for the arms and leg angles. You imagine drawing a straight line thru the shoulders and start with that line. 

The outline of the head was added still matching the angles of the models head. 


 Here she is after about an hour of painting. Still a lot to do but looking good. The rust color is Quin Sienna or burnt orange. Not sure which. Flesh is Quin coral with a dab of yellow ochre added. The Blues are mostly cobalt. Hair burnt umber and ultramarine blue. 

You really don’t need a lot of colors to paint people. 

Everybody voted no to a light blue background. 

Then it got a little dark. Oopps. Turning it upside down and allowing water to lift the color fixed the background. Along with a little blotting. 

The. I had ring around the model. A NO NO.  

  I fixed that by adding bits of colors around the model and the ring disappeared. 

  Her current incarnation. Thanks for all the help and advice from my peanut gallery Ruth, Mike, and Tom!! 
Thanks for reading. Go forth and draw! 

Margaret xxx

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