Day 417 – a Dogs life!  

  Pouring rain here today and all but one of the dogs hate to go out in the rain. 

This dog appeared on TV when I paused it. Decided it was a sign to paint him. No idea what kind of dog he is. A collie perhaps?!

Here’s the original sketch done with the Pentel brush pen. It’s good for quick sketching but takes some getting used to aka practice. Also some thinking is required before you sketch aka at what angle should the lines be drawn?! 

Better to do one line than try to correct the permant ink lines. They will always show unless you do some creative painting. 

The dog was painted with a cheap Joes size 12 Legend sable. Expensive but worth every penny. I use it a lot. 

Colors used – most of my paint is Daniel Smith or Holbein. Quin gold and Quin Sienna for the fur.  Quin red for the tongue with a touch of mineral Violet. Burnett umber and ultramarine blue for the darks. Cerulean in the shadows. 
 Sorry I forgot to post these yesterday so doubling up today.  
Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

6 thoughts on “Day 417 – a Dogs life!  

  1. Laura Casey says:

    HI…..Love this dog drawing/art work….his nose acts as a negative space and the dog is falling off the page too…..think these 2 elements are the reason this art work of yours is really good!


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