Day 415 – Dr Sketchys Part 2

This is the one I won the Chat Noir t shirt for – the models favorite sketch. Though you can’t see it the cape is colored with a wink of Stella red glitter pen. Those wink of Stellas are always winners.  

The next two are the same twenty minute pose. I got done early and started a second. I have NO idea why he is wearing that “hat”!! Background was done with two red tombow pens that I wet down and let run. 

See above for this one. Actually drawn during the first part of the twenty minute pose but was annoyed because I didn’t have room for his foot so I started over. 

Another stance with the same strange costume. Had fun journaling on this page. Princess Augusta thinks he looks like Fozzy Bear thus the name. The tattoo is my favorite part of this one. I stole Ruth’s inktense to draw it with. I always like drawing on wet paper with inktense for fun off beat effects. 

A reclining pose. And that’s it for now. Tomorrow life modeling. Hope it goes better than last week. 

 Two More pages!!  
A little urban sketching I started this morning at breakfast. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret ️xxx 

9 thoughts on “Day 415 – Dr Sketchys Part 2

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Ah thanks Mary Ann. Means a lot coming from you. Dying to make one of your travel journals!! Guess I need to watch the Venice class AgAiN!! 😃👍


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