Day 414 – Dr Sketchys Time!! Part 1


Five minute sketch

Always a fun time at Dr Sketchys anti art school.  You draw like mad and Laff for three hours. The model quickly strikes many funny poses since the models are not your average college art class model but performers of various kinds.  

  Fozzy Bear Five minute sketch

Anything from burlesque to circus performers may turn up on stage. Sometimes clothed sometimes not. Always in a costume. 

Draw the model doing something funny contest. Five minute sketch

Sometimes because you are drawing so fast you just mess up. These were all done with brush pens  and Tombow markers in a SuperBee tablet.  
Dr Sketchys is a worldwide movement. Poses are 1-20 minutes.  Check the Internet for a branch near you!! Then GOOOO!! 


One of my sketches was the models favorite so I won a free tshirt. Thanks Princess Augusta!! Chat Noir on Eighth Street is where Dr Sketchys is held once a month.   Stay tuned tomorrow to see what his favorite sketch looks like. 


A couple more pages of how to draw people. Still a lot left! 

Thanks for looking!! 

Margaret ️xxx 

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