Day 399 -Garden City

 The swarms of people at Garden City were calling to my pen saying draw draw draw. If I hadn’t been drawing this is what I would have been doing consuming books like peanuts. 


I really like this painting a lot. The water is more of a Caribbean blue than an Atlantic blue but I like it. It’s done in cheap joes Andrea turquoise, cobalt, purple, and a bright yellow green. The sky is cerulean  and cobalt. 

The sand is really grey when it’s wet. It’s done with burnt umber Inathradone and yellow ochre. 

Bytw the horizon line is really straight but the books would not lie flat. The only fault I can find with a Strathmore 500 mixed media sketchbook. 

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret ️xxx heading out on another trip. Thank goodness for house sitters!!  

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