Day 351 – Tomato Pie Time!!

  Nothing says summer like an heirloom tomato pie! I made two tomato pies today and since this recipe is frequently requested I decided to draw it.  

I am going to take u thru it as the recipe evolved.  

The pie fresh out of the oven.   Lots of yellows, yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, cad red light, green apatite and dark neutrals. 

The ink sketch. I usually pencil in a recipe to be sure I don’t run out of room for anything. Then I ink it. 


I laid in a yellow wash first. And dropped  bits of yellow ochre, burnt sienna, burnt umber, cad red light, green apatite and dark neutrals while the pie was still wet. 

Line green background added and more dark neutral around for the pies edge inside the crust. 

I added the cad red line because as usual I smeared the bottom edge into the white.  Maybe one day I will learn to keep my band out of the paint. MaYbE!!  I can only hope. I also added more dark neutral around the edge of the pie inside the crust fluting and wiped some of the purple under the leaves off.  Too purple.  

Listening to a thomas Schaller video yesterday. He said you could tell when a painting is done when u start telling yourself I need to do one more thing.  I Reinked the letters after I thought I was done not sure I like them. 

I also sponged on a little dark neutral to make the surface shadows and it’s done. 

  I found this recipe from a book called ‘Pon Top Edisto when I was looking for my copy. It’s a great cookbook. Some people add onions. A little or a lot. Cooked or not. Thought garlic might be a tasty addition.  And grits would be oh so tasty or fresh corn on the cob.   
Thanks for reading 

Margaret xxx

6 thoughts on “Day 351 – Tomato Pie Time!!

    • Margaret Hunt says:

      You are welcome. Let me know what u think. Be sure to drain the tomatoes on paper towel. If they are too runny the pie will be runny. Bounty time!!


    • Margaret Hunt says:

      Thanks so much Martha. Let me know what u think. There’s also. Stellar cheese cracker recipe posted in the spring. Think March?!


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