Day 343 – Lorikeets

As perhaps you know I enjoy sketching birds. I drew the lorikeets from a shady spot while I waited for my family to show up at the zoo. For $2 you got a cup of nectar to feed them. 

  Oddly I like the double page spread as long as he pages are separated. I think it’s because there are six birds. I like odd numbers in compositions. 

I drew the big bird first.  He was off. The beak too low the biggest error. The eye off. He should have looked like the one to the right. They were great fun to paint. Mixing and slapping greens around. Started with light yellow green.  Then added darker and darker greens and blues with bits of mineral Violet to the leaves and the birds. 

The left page. I added the tree trunks after I drew them as I did the leaves. I only drew the birds on site. It was fun making up the background as I went.  Really like the limbs which are Quin gold mineral Violet and Inathradone blue. They started out a grey of burnt umber and Inathradone blue.  How boring. Paint red them wet on wet. Sometimes with Quin gold and mineral Violet on the paint brush at the same time. 

Here’s the whole page. Just isn’t quite right. Oh well. Beaks are cad orange and Quin coral. Fun stuff to paint. I just wish I had drawn the red ones. Oh my goodness red from head to toe. How did I miss those.  

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