Day 342 – at the zoo


I went to Riverbanks Zoo last Thursday with my extended family. While I was waiting I drew some of the animals and the carousel.  Finally gettin around to painting them. Today’s its the lion. All of the writing and sketching was done while I was at the zoo. 

The lions were chilling and I could hear them thinking dumb humans standing in the sun in the heat to see us. Like the lions I chose the shade.  

Tiring of the Orange and cerulean on journal pages I used  this Stephen Quiller book to find a different color combo. Thus getting the purple and gold combo.  Like the new look. Great book for color. Check it out. 

Used of the purple gold theme on the lioness page too.  She kept moving. I decided to full in the background with a journal page to remember he fun we all had at the zoo. 

Colors used. Yellow ochre Inathridone blue and. Mineral Violet. The lions main Quin burnt sienna burnt umber and the Inathradone blue and purple. 

Lots of layering of the colors.  Always fun to me. I love the way you can leave the lighter colors shining thru the darker ones. 

Gotta run.

Thanks for reading. 

Margaret xxx

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