DY 341 Snuggling and Drawing



Zoe loves to snuggle. Drew this while we were watching CBS Sunday morning. Painted it while listening to Super Soul Sunday my two favorite shows. Noodler Creaper Ahab in my Stillman and Birn Alpha. Wish I had bought a zeta.  The paper buckles a lot with washes but will flatten out somewhat when the book is closed. Also the paper does not let you live color without some pilling. No book is perfect but S&B tries hard. 

Noodler creaper Ahab Carbon Black ink.  Greys – Cerulean and Quin Sienna on the blue side darker grey Quin Sienna and Inathridone blue. Red fur Quin Sienna and Burnt umber  w touches of Inathradone blue. Letters and border Quin red and cad orange. Background cerulean and Aureolin yellow. Scarf. Hmm all the above colors and mineral purple. Splattered with cerulean. 

TIP!! Paint brushes. Thought you might like to see  my favorite brushes, my kolinsky Isabeys. I have six now. – 2 4 6 8 and two big mops a 2 and an 8. They are Charles Reids favorite brushes. 

If you think your paintings are too tight get a big mop or the biggest paint brush u can afford. Though I want a huge 12 or 14 Isabey they are very pricey but I am happy with my cheap Joes kolinsky Legend which is a 12 for $65. 

Fealin Lin loves her Isabey mops. Lucky lady got hers off the reject table at Cheap Joes for $9 instead of the normal $65 ish.  

 Ink sketch stage. 

Used negative space to keep the legs and nose in proportion. That’s looking at the shapes that surround the object like the hole in the coffee cup handle aka the inside shape that Zoe’s legs form almost a square.  

 Zoe posing.

 And doing her favorite thing. Snuggling!! Couldn’t wait to paint this but hated dislodging her. Now she’s annoyed with me and staying in her bed.  Sigh. 
    Fur soresto flea collar regular collar. She is such a princess.  She loves to dress up. Newest scarf a triangle of amy butler fabric. 

TIP:  I love the bit of fur above the scarf. It’s done by painting lightly with grey.  Letting it dry and adding more greys and Blues on top letting each layer dry.

 The dark grey under the scarf is the Inathridone and Quin Sienna with dabs of mineral Violet added.  

 Details of furwith cerulean toothbrush splatter. 
   More fur and scarf  details. 
 Thanks for reading!!

Margaret and Zoe xxx 

4 thoughts on “DY 341 Snuggling and Drawing

  1. Tonya Ricucci says:

    really love this. just a bit of feedback: I read that as “Everybody loves Zoe who only loves cats” and then got confused as I kept reading…


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