Day 219 More Caran d’Arches Experiments


This is a sketch using Caran d’Arches Neocolor II looks
pretty lame until you wet the colors.


Then it looks like this. All of these sketches were done with the Caran d’Arches and then sprayed. The bottle I use does a very fine mist. The paper is Strathmore 500 Mixed media.


I love the way it will run a bit. Sometimes less sometimes more depending on how much I spray it.




Tufted Titmouse – the grey stuff below the bird is not where I messed up but where it ran. I love runny stuff.


Cardinal. Love the drippy stuff on this one. I did highlight the eyes with a gel pen.


My secret weapon. An old spray bottle that makes a fine mist!!

Thanks for looking!!

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