Summers Day in Prague

Thinking it might be done. Prague! Paint along with Vladislav Yesileyev. Love the Hahnemuhle paper. It makes the colors sing. And so easy to wipe away a mistake not that I would make one. 🤣 Vlads photo. It’s an old Jewish Synagogue.

The sketch.

First wash. I had to blot my sky with Kleenex because when I added grey it started blossoming. Eeekk.

And then I forgot to take pics. See how dark the building on the right is?? I decided I had gone to purple and used my big size 14 loaded with water and washed it off. I was amazed because the surface was fine despite my treatment of it. Painting cars and people. Not fond of painting tiny people but do like painting cars.

Oops I lost part of my bright white while madly painting. But not a problem. I taped it up and wiped it off.

It’s the long strip above the small White House. Have to say the Hahnemuhle cezanne paper really makes the painting easier. The colors are so bright and transparent. Just like I always wanted. Buy some. U will be glad u did.

Ps the 22×30″ fox km ull sheets always show as back ordered on Cheap Joe’s website. So call them. Place an order. They will charge u for it when it comes in. And if u are lucky they will have it in stock and send it along to you. You have just won the Hahnemuhle lottery.

Margaret xoxoxo

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