Prowalk tours

Had to draw these camels. Probably will paint them but for now drawn with pentel pen .1 in my stillman and birn alpha. Three more pages left in it. Hurrah.

On YouTube will take you all over the world. A lot of them have historical notes on points of interest so it’s real walking tour of whatever town or city you have picked.

So far I have toured London Paris Rome Venice and a lot of Italy. I can scratch some places off my I want to go list like one of the Italian coast towns that I lost count of the stair flights climbed. Amalfi, I think. Gorgeous hut straight up and down.

I figured out I could take pics by pausing and then hitting the back arrow to get rid of the pause screen. Probably copyright issues but it’s fun to draw something besides the inside of my house.

One more week for dose two of the vaccine. Hurrah!!

Margaret xoxoxo